iGate-Intelligent Parking


iGate-Intelligent Parking
A parking guidance system developed by Intelligent Devices helps drivers make smart decisions. These decisions reduce congestion and make the most of available spaces.

  • Communicates clearly

Less congestion due to fewer vehicles driving around looking for parking

  • Reduces confusion & lessens crowding

Reduction in time and fuel spent by road user searching for parking

  • Lowers emissions

Better flow of traffic reduces the carbon footprint of motorists

  • How to work intelligent Parking iGate?

The parking guidance system is a new system for guiding the drivers to find a free lot before and after entering the parking by using led display in the entrance and inside .The parking In addition to led indicators using two colors red and green, green to indicate free lot and red indicates the occupied lot.

  • How to work Management Operating System iGate?
    • Real time reports and statistics
    • On screen monitoring
    • Alarms for faults and malfunctions
  • (iGate) Tailor made solutions:
    • Car Parking
    • Hospitals
    • Hotels & Shopping Centers
    • Airports
    • Universities
    • Exhibitions & Convention Center