Services & Solutions

For IT

  • Helpdesk Management


    Improve tracking, analysis, and management of IT case queues

    Understanding case backlog and knowing which tickets need to take priority is a key concern for IT departments. QlikView for Helpdesk Management helps IT professionals see a comprehensive view of all cases in their organization. They can focus their attention on high priority tickets, analyze how long tickets have been open and average response times, and determine how to direct resources to best meet service level agreements (SLAs) set with the business.

    • Benefits
    • Track and analyze helpdesk tickets
    • Gain insight into average response times and case duration
    • Optimize performance through greater insight into case detail
  • IT Infrastructure


    Predict technology needs and manage inventory distribution

    Managing equipment inventory and ensuring that assets align with employee demand is a key function of IT. With QlikView for IT Infrastructure, IT professionals have a clear view of equipment distribution and ownership across the organization. They can accurately predict technology needs and spend, and align purchase decisions based on organizational demand.

    • Benefits
    • Track equipment inventory, distribution, and ownership
    • Predict and align technology spend to organizational needs
    • Manage lifecycle costs of IT assets
  • Software & Licensing Management


    Optimize the purchase, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of software assets

    Managing software licenses and compliance in an organization can be a daunting task. With QlikView for Software and Licensing Management, IT professionals can better understand the purchase, use, and requirements for software licenses across the organization. They can identify opportunities to recover or reallocate unused licenses, helping to reduce costs. And, by having a complete view of licenses, they can improve governance.

    • Benefits
    • Manage software assets from procurement to disposal
    • Reduce costs by preventing over payments, unnecessary purchases, or inflated maintenance
    • Increase visibility into software license usage across the organization
  • Network Governance


    Improve system efficiency, reduce risk

    Ensuring data quality and governance is top-of-mind for IT professionals. With QlikView for Network Governance, IT can gain insight into their infrastructure, helping them to spot unusual activity and remediate potential risks to the organization.