Services & Solutions

For Marketing

  • Campaign Performance


    Align marketing strategies to optimize the customer's journey

    Managing campaign performance in the midst of industry shifts and declining revenues can be challenging. With QlikView for Campaign Performance, marketers can analyze marketing data and test what-if scenarios. By proactively managing performance, they can make timely adjustments, helping to improve results, increase revenue, and reduce customer churn. And, with a single, holistic view of planning and budgeting data from multiple sources, marketing professionals can optimize and quantify marketing ROI.

    • Benefits
    • Track and measure campaign performance
    • Improve targeting, conversion, and ROI
    • Analyze customer sentiment and increase brand awareness
  • Customer Segmentation


    Deliver greater return on investment by targeting the right prospects and most valuable customers

    Allocating limited resources to the right, and most profitable, customers and prospects is key to producing the greatest return on marketing investment. QlikView for Customer Segmentation helps marketing professionals understand which customers and prospects to target to generate the greatest return on investment. And, they can quantify marketing investment through key KPIs such as customer lifetime values, activations, and churn.

    • Benefits
    • Improve customer segmentation and conversion rates
    • Target specific customers for cross-sell and upsell opportunities
    • Measure KPIs such as customer lifetime values, activations, and churn
  • Web Analytics


    Integrate channels to deliver a consistent brand experience

    Having an integrated view of web and social activity helps organizations deliver a consistent brand experience to existing and prospective customers. With QlikView for Web Analytics, marketing professionals can create a consistent customer experience that increases brand awareness and improves customer loyalty. By proactively monitoring web and social media behavior, marketers can quickly identify and address potential threats and opportunities. And by connecting with influential community members, they can better align strategy with customer sentiment