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For Sales

  • Sales Enablement


    Freely explore sales data to improve targeting and increase revenue

    Identifying the right targets for opportunities and promotions is key to increasing conversion and driving revenue. QlikView for Sales Enablement helps sales professionals align customer targets with sales criteria. Using QlikView, they can uncover new cross-sell and upsell opportunities to drive increased revenue. And salespeople can explore their data on the road via their mobile device, helping to improve effectiveness.

    • Benefits
    • Improve targeting and call list quality
    • Uncover new cross-sell and upsell opportunities
    • Increase conversion and boost revenue
  • Sales Management


    Improve pipeline control and revenue performance

    Increasing management insight into sales pipeline and forecasts leads to improved collaboration and proactive resolution of potential risks to revenue. QlikView for Sales Management enables sales managers to visually explore the data and assess performance against plan. They can identify risks in the pipeline, test what-if scenarios, and assess the impact of potential resolutions. And, sales managers can improve collaboration with their teams through interactive, real-time sessions to review pipeline.