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Benifits of M2M

Benefits of M2M


Stay connected with your technical devices and systems.
Machine-to-machine communication is a pervasive technology that can be put to use in all areas of life and work. M2M is making workflows simpler, processes leaner, and entirely new business models possible. Typical benefits are remote management, monitoring, optimization, and notification capabilities:


Manage machines remotely


Remote diagnostic and maintenance capabilities are essential for sustainable and cost effective service structures. Many tasks can be carried out remotely without the need to be on-site. Less travel means less environmental pollution. If on-site visits are necessary, service technicians know exactly which parts they need to take along.



Monitor present conditions


M2M solutions can observe the status of connected devices and their environment in real time. Vending operators see at a glance the current inventories of their vending machines and warehouses. Forwarding agencies control the transport temperature of perishable goods and ensure uninterrupted cold chains.




Automate and optimize processes


When machines exchange information automatically, they are able to support us in various tasks. These might be mundane tasks such as closing the skylight when it starts to rain, or more complex tasks like calculating the optimal routes for delivering supplies.




Identify critical situations


At the end of the day, machines report to humans. They help us to identify critical situations that require our attention. This can be a machine in manufacturing that needs maintenance, a cow that is about to calve, or a patient, whose vital signs show irregularities. A key benefit of M2M solutions is the ability to define criteria for notifications.