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Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Machine-to-machine solutions enable smart homes and enhance consumers' daily lives.



Connected devices offer a wide range of opportunities for everyone from manufacturers to consumers. Fitness armbands, for example, gather data during training sessions and enable users to optimize their workout. In quantified self-movement people collect fitness data and other information about their daily life in terms of inputs, states, and performance. Tracking and monitoring solutions can help them to learn more about themselves. Consumers can also use M2M in their homes. Smart home solutions enable users to control their household appliances as well as heating and lighting remotely. Manufacturers can gather detailed information about their products and how they are used. They can improve products and strengthen relationships with customers.


Entertainment and media are no longer confined to specific spaces at home. M2M software and hardware provide a seamless experience for mobile phones, MP3 players, and mobile gaming consoles. M2M keeps the user's entertainment gadgets constantly connected with the internet. So users can access all kinds of media, ensuring that content is always up-to-date. A smart TV, for example, can record a TV show and send the file to the cloud. Users can watch it whenever and wherever they want. Manufacturers and service providers can offer new services by gathering and analyzing usage data. 


Benefits for Manufacturers:

  • More attractive products due to constant Internet connection
  • Detailed product and usage information

Benefits for Service Providers:

  • New revenue streams
  • Increased customer loyalty and spending due to expanded services

Benefits for Consumers:

  • Seamless user experience anywhere
  • Localization and remote access services

Fitness & Sports

Machine-to-machine solutions can encourage users to do more for their fitness by collecting and transferring workout information to logs and social media sites. They can offer automatic navigation advice or provide tips based on real-time performance parameters fed in by bike computers or pulse meters. Gyms, health insurers, and even device makers can use info collected by consumer electronics to set themselves apart from the competition with new and improved services. 


Benefits for Manufacturers:

  • Connectivity enables new products
  • Increased customer loyalty and spending due to expanded services

Benefits for Professional Sports & Gyms:

  • Personalized training programs using real data
  • Leverage workout data for up-selling

Benefits for Consumers:

  • Workout advice based on actual performance
  • New community-based services

Benefits for Insurers:

  • Bonus programs for healthier customers



People don't just want to know where they are, they also want to discover what's near them. And they want to be able to locate property quickly. Consumer electronic devices connected to M2M networks can provide real-time information about buying new shoes, the quickest detour or the name of that mountain, or help you to find your luggage after a flight.


Benefits for Manufacturers and Service Providers:

  • Connectivity and localization enables new products and new business models

Benefits for Insurers:

  • Improved recovery rates in loss and theft
  • New bonus programs for high-value items

Benefits for Consumers:

  • Enhanced control over personal items
  • Increased peace of mind and convenience


Smart Home

Machine-to-machine solutions enable home owners to remotely control devices and automate ordinary tasks. In smart homes they can enjoy an increased quality of living and life as well as higher safety and energy efficiency. Ahead of demographic change, smart home applications are, especially in industrialized countries, becoming more and more important. Systems can range from connected smoke detectors to a complex network with varying degrees of automation.


Benefits for Producers and Service Providers:

  • Innovative services for customers
  • Additional M2M solutions can be added, such as assisted living or security
  • New revenue sources from smart devices

Benefits for Consumers:

  • Remote monitoring and control of appliances, heating and lighting
  • Reduced energy consumption and costs
  • Improved appliance performance by means of automated error reports
  • Better service