Health Care


eHealth solutions based on M2M facilitate affordable care for patients and the elderly.


Healthcare industries around the world face the same challenge - to reduce expenditure while caring for more and more patients. M2M, or rather telemedicine, is able to reduce the costs of expensive doctor visits by enabling remote communication between physicians and patients. Thanks to remote monitoring, hospitals can reduce or eliminate stays. Scarce hospital beds can then be freed up for more serious cases while the majority of patients can recover at home. Tracking solutions lead to increased security for patients and the elderly and to peace of mind for relatives. Meanwhile they can remain independent for longer in their own homes. M2M devices create a whole new lifestyle, preventing illness by making fitness monitoring fun.


Doctors are scarce - especially in rural areas - and their time is valuable. Telemedicine allows them to see more patients or to have longer consultations each day by eliminating unnecessary trips. Machine-to-machine solutions enable patient tracking systems to keep an eye on an Alzheimer patient's location. Monitoring solutions can automatically alert a doctor or healthcare facility when necessary. Portable, wearable, and even implantable devices such as pacemakers can also monitor vital signs and deliver the data to healthcare providers - real-time information that sometimes makes the difference between life and death in heart failure, diabetic comas and other serious illnesses. Telemedicine helps combat the high costs of serious disease and improve quality of life.


Benefits for Patient:

  • Faster help in emergencies and an increased chance of full recovery
  • Higher quality of life / peace of mind
  • Continuous vital sign monitoring and automated emergency calls

Benefits for Doctors:

  • Earlier notification in emergencies
  • Constant access to patient data
  • Continuous patient monitoring and automated alerts
  • More time for patients


Homecare/Ambient Assisted Living

Ambient assisted living allows the elderly to remain independent in their own homes. Emergency watches for example help by providing an easy and inconspicuous possibility to call for help. Patients are monitored to ensure their health, safety and well-being. Monitoring and tracking systems offer doctors, relatives and caregivers a constant update on a patient's health status and whereabouts.


Benefits for Consumer:

  • Improved safety at home and on the go
  • More convenient, independent living
  • Peace of mind for relatives

Benefits for Hospitals:

  • Reduced costs
  • Improved response times in emergencies
  • Increased patient satisfaction

Prevention & Fitness

Being healthy and in shape isn't just a trend anymore, it's a lifestyle. Machine-to-machine solutions can not only monitor vital signs during exercise, they can also transmit data in real time to servers or the Internet. With connected weight scales, heart-rate monitors, wearables, and other devices users gain valuable insights into their health and fitness programs and even share their workouts on social networks.


Benefits for End Consumer:

  • Improved fitness and quality of life
  • Enjoyable fitness challenges with friends / Gamification

Benefits for Health Insurance:

  • Reduced doctor visits
  • Gamification approaches motivate clients to improve their fitness