Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Manufacturers optimize production with M2M solutions for tracking, monitoring, and remote diagnosis.



SCADA systems have been in use in many companies for decades. Contemporary machine-to-machine solutions and Big Data analytics bring industrial automation to the next level. Aside from manufacturing environments, industrial automation is also gaining popularity in other industries such as agriculture. M2M devices monitor plant and machinery remotely around-the-clock and provide alerts when errors occur. Companies gain a better overview of the condition of their equipment and can react quickly when something goes wrong. It is also easier for them to produce mass customized products and remotely adjust output to fit demand. In Germany this development used to be known by the buzzwords Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Industrial automation revolutionized manufacturing of semi-finished and finished goods. Maintaining plant has always been vital for meeting customer demand and preventing downtime. With M2M solutions such as remote monitoring, companies gain an overview on the condition of their equipment centrally via an online portal, eliminating the need for regular manual checks. M2M devices connected to the control unit of the machines can also send an alert to the manufacturer when something goes wrong. This accelerates the repair time and cuts operational costs. Companies also gain flexibility by using M2M to adjust automated production processes so that they can fit their production to current demand or other factors. Since most companies prefer to lease production equipment to reduce the risks of ownership and gain tax advantages, equipment owners can also rely on remote M2M services to track and monitor their gear and its use.


Benefits for Manufacturer (Lessee)

  • Predictive maintenance through remote diagnostics
  • Less maintenance-related downtime
  • Collected data for optimizing production

Benefits for Machine Owner (lessor)

  • Detection of machine misuse or theft with monitoring and location tracking
  • Simplified invoicing and usage control
  • New business models and expanded services
  • Preventing downtimes by forecasting disorders

Benefits for Application Service Provider

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Preventive maintenance reduces failures and support efforts
  • Pay-as-you-use business models
  • Detection of machine misuse and fault causes for warranties