Public Sector

Public Sector

M2M solutions support public services in their daily work and enable smart cities.


Government budgets seem to get trimmed more each year. But citizens and companies still expect wide-ranging services. Machine-to-machine solutions can help increase the number of automated and electronic services. M2M public sector applications provide advantages in everything from traffic, public transport, parking services, waste and water management, to environmental services. The integrated ecosystem of different solutions is called a "smart city."

Public Transport

M2M services can help public transport providers implement equipment flexibly, keep passengers informed, and smooth ticketing services. Vehicles equipped with telemetric connections can collect data on their own performance and send alerts when deviations are detected. M2M solutions in trains can also detect problems with the track and automatically inform dispatchers. Connected ticket machines send warnings on potential failures, collect data on purchasing patterns and times as well as incorporating mobile payment systems.


Benefits for Public Transport Authorities:

  • Integrated services by linking traffic, parking and public transport
  • Optimize equipment and personnel usage with real-time data
  • Less downtime
  • Lower costs by encouraging economical driving

Benefits for Residents:

  • Improved traffic safety
  • Fewer delayed trains and buses
  • More environmentally sustainable


Public Infrastructure

Every government, region and community has a wide-ranging network of infrastructure whether it's roads and bridges or sewers and waste dumps. M2M solutions allow governments to keep an eye on everything by means of remote monitoring. They even simplify daily maintenance by automating tasks including remote parking management, selective activation of street lights, or remote surveillance of public spaces.


Benefits for Governments and Communities:

  • Lower energy consumption and costs
  • Monitor and control property remotely
  • Swifter maintenance and repairs

Benefits for Residents:

  • Increased urban safety
  • New services such as parking guidance


Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is vital to verify environmental stress, understand local patterns, and evaluate the effectiveness of policies and programs. Environmental monitoring doesn't mean just air; water, soil and plant life are also included. M2M solutions can automatically take samples and even transfer results between responsible agencies. They are an important part of environmental monitoring programs.


Benefits for State and Federal Government Agencies:

  • Lower costs for field analysis
  • Improved data collection for management and conservation
  • Innovative analysis tools