Retail & Commerce

Retail & Commerce

Boosting sales by means of cash-free payments and monitoring processes.



Machine-to-machine solutions offer great advantages to retailers, whether through remote monitoring and control or process automation. They also provide unique and innovative communication channels such as digital advertising spaces. Furthermore, M2M solutions simplify inventory management, provide automatic updates on maintenance needs, and even handle payment services. Customers can also enjoy expanded services such as real-time inventory data or information on special offers, leading to increased sales.

Vending Machines

Managing vending machines in many locations can be time-consuming. Telemetry solutions help by providing real-time information about inventory, sales, errors, or even the number of coins and amount of cash in individual machines. Operators can cut costs and reduce the number of visits as well as downtime. Keeping tabs on equipment allows them to refill vending machines when needed. Thanks to telemetry, operators can also communicate with vending machines, adjust settings, or change prices.


Benefits for Vending Operator:

  • Real-time status information of individual machines
  • Lower operating costs
  • Fewer downtimes
  • Higher revenues due to sufficient stocking at all times and optimized product portfolio
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to higher service availability
  • More effective device management due to remote monitoring and controlling
  • Preparation for future vending business trends such as digital signage or social vending/couponing

Benefits for Consumers:

  • Higher service availability
  • Increased satisfaction due to higher product availability
  • New services such as social vending/couponing

Digital Signage

Digital advertising and information screens are an exceptional opportunity to attract attention, increase information retention and raise conversion rates. M2M solutions make it possible to alter messages on one or several screens with just a click, eliminating time- and cost-intensive visits. Content can quickly be adapted to special contexts or audiences, both in-store or on outdoor digital advertising spaces. Targeted up-to-date information can be leveraged to boost sales for a specific product, influence crowd behavior or reach other traditional advertising goals.


Benefits for Ad Space Marketers/Advertisers/Authorities:

  • Improved advertising impact (CPM)
  • Increased ad appeal
  • Lower operating costs

Benefits for Public Authorities/Operators of Public Venues:

  • Real-time, public-facing communication channel
  • Outlet for targeted information
  • Increased visibility

Mobile Payment

Wireless payment devices expand the ways in which customers can pay and frees retailers from handling cumbersome cash. Mobile-enabled M2M commerce can even extend the boundaries of a retailer's physical store by allowing them to accept payments at mobile or temporary point of sale (POS) without a telephone line.


Benefits for Retailers:

  • Reaching new customers
  • Highly secure, hassle-free payment services
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Benefits for Consumers:

  • Simplified payment structure
  • Expanded access to trusted retailers
  • Eliminates need for cash