Security systems based on M2M protect private and business assets against vandalism, misuse, and unauthorized access.



Security is a basic need for businesses and individuals. Security applications with integrated machine-to-machine solutions can simplify and automate alarm monitoring and management. This frees up vital security resources and cuts costs. Cellular technology based M2M solutions increase flexibility and availability while reducing installation expenses. Security systems send automatic alerts when something seems amiss and remote monitoring solutions can confirm situations or even give an all-clear, eliminating false alarms.

Remote Fire Alarm

Smoke detectors are mandatory in most public and commercial buildings around the world. Private households are increasingly installing similar systems to enhance security. Connected smoke detection systems automatically alert fire authorities or a security company. They also provide vital information such as the exact room where the fire is located. Remote monitoring can also help determine causes and allow responders to activate only the necessary fire suppression systems. In this respect M2M lowers the costs related to damage and fights the fire itself.


Benefit for Insurance Companies:

  • Lower damage payments
  • New fee structures

Benefit for Property Owners:

  • Quicker response decreases damage
  • Increase in sense of well being
  • Lower compliance costs

Remote Burglar Alarms

M2M solutions can simplify alarm management and quickly report entry or damage as well as provide first responders with the exact location of trouble, whether it's a window, a door, or an air vent. Connected sensors provide a detailed, real-time road map of an intruder's path, increasing security for security personnel and aiding investigators. 


Benefits for Security Service Providers:

  • Plug and play installation
  • Increased reliability
  • Less expensive technology

Benefits for Consumers:

  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Rapid reaction to suspicious events
  • Low installation costs

Remote Surveillance

Video surveillance can be used to monitor open spaces, valuable property, or even people - for protection or to identify intruders. M2M applications can automate remote property surveillance, eliminating the need to monitor a bank of screens and show only those cameras recording suspicious activity. Surveillance systems can be linked with alarm management applications to create a record of criminal activity and alert the authorities. Sophisticated image recognition software can round out an advanced surveillance system to further reduce stress and free up security personnel for other activities.


Benefits for Software/System Providers:

  • New products and services
  • Lower deployment costs

Benefits for Consumers:

  • Ease of installation using existing infrastructure
  • Increased feeling of well-being