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MachinesTalk for M2M IoT

MachinesTalk for M2M IoT

✓ Collect and process data from any device, anywhere


✓ Integrate data into existing enterprise IT systems or dashboard to drive better business decisions


✓ Remotely access and manage your assets, securely



The Platform

The MachinesTalk M2M IoT cloud platform provides seamless connectivity and integration across any remote device, any network and any enterprise application in the back office - without any programming. The do-it-yourself cloud platform reduces the risk, time-to-market, complexity and cost of deploying solutions for remote monitoring and control, industrial automation, asset tracking and telematics, and field service operations across virtually all industries and market segments around the world.


The MachinesTalk application enablement platform (AEP) is preferred among leading organizations - large and small - that rely on mission-critical connectivity, security, scalability and enterprise-grade performance.


The Core

The core of the MachinesTalk M2M / IoT platform consists of the hosted infrastructure that directly links intelligent devices with enterprise applications and databases, providing deeper insights into operational performance and productivity. It enables:


✓ Edge processing to pre-process raw data before sending it to enterprise applications or dashboards;

✓ Edge analytics to execute transactions with the application instead of just pushing data;

✓ "Report by exception" processing model to optimize the communication traffic between the device and the application;

✓ Time-based reporting through an advanced scheduler;

✓ Store and forward functions in the event that a connection is unavailable


Any Device

Whether you need to connect high value piece of factory equipment or a small mobile tracking device, a sensitive piece of hospital machinery or an in-home glucometer, a tank monitor or an air conditioner, MachinesTalk M2M AEP can connect to and extract data from any device. Devices can be connected and integrated in three ways:

  1. 1.   M2M Asset Gateway

Any remote machine or production asset can be connected to the MachinesTalk M2M Asset Gateway appliance for intelligent edge communication. Alternatively, the MachinesTalk M2M Gateway software can be installed on intelligent edge devices to instantly add M2M capabilities without needing any additional hardware.

  1. 2.   M2M Asset API

For edge devices that can't support the full MachinesTalk Gateway software the Asset API lets smart devices communicate with the MachinesTalk M2M AEP with minimal programming.

  1. 3.   Custom Proxy

Edge devices with an existing well-defined communication protocol can use a proxy to seamlessly integrate with the MachinesTalk M2M AEP without needing any changes to the devices - ideal for migrating existing devices that are already in the field.