Opera Browser

Opera Browser

What is Opera?
Opera Mini is a web browser designed primarily for mobile phones, smartphones, and personal digital assistants. Opera Mini is offered free of charge, supported mainly through deals with mobile operators to have Opera Mini pre-installed in phones, and other sources of revenue such as search advertising deals, licensing and paid bookmarks and Speed Dial placement. Designed for speed and usability, Opera Mini provides remarkably fast browsing on nearly any mobile phone. It brings the web to mass-market phones, while ensuring a great user experience. It has the fastness, smoothness, and security.

The Opera Mini browser delivers a smarter, more social web experience at high speeds, with low costs and with the best usability. With the new data-savings page, users can take back control of their data usage, saving them time and money.


  • Smart Page

The Smart Page delivers instant updates from the users' social networks and favorite WebPages. The Smart Page brings smart­phone-like features to basic phones and learns users' habits to suggest content.

  • Visual tabs

Visual tabs allow users to multitask by switching quickly between open webpages, using thumbnail previews of each open web­page.

  •     Compression

Opera Mini employs unique proxy-server-based technology that compresses data by up to 90%, decreasing the cost of data transfer for both the operator and its customers.

With the new data-savings page, users can see how much data they actually save when using Opera Mini, allowing them to track and control their data usage easily. Data savings are visualized by percentage and kb and can be viewed in total or per session.

  •     Speed Dial start page

Now, users can save unlimited favorites to their Speed Dial. Speed Dial thumbnails can be easily accessed from the Opera Mini start pages with just a quick tap.

  •     Bookmarks made easy

Users can effortlessly import previously saved bookmarks into Opera Mini with the touch of a button. Bookmarks can also be saved on the home page, giving users instant access to their favorite websites.

  •     Speed

Opera's streamlined rendering engine and server-side compres­sion allows the Opera Mini browser to load webpages faster than other mobile phone browsers. It is proven to make browsing up to nine times as fast as client-only mobile browsers on both 2/2.5G and 3G networks.

  • Touch & keypad optimization

Whether using a touchscreen or keypad device, the Opera Mini browser is optimized for smooth, intuitive navigation. The browser comfortably adjusts to the user's needs by switching between portrait and landscape mode and also allows the font size to be adjusted for easier read­ing. With a touchscreen, Opera Mini makes navigation even easier with pinch-to-zoom and kinetic scrolling.

  •     Extensive language support

Opera Mini is available in approximately 100 languages.

Platforms Supported

  • Android
  • Bada
  • iOS
  • Symbian
  • Java / J2ME
  • BlackBerry
  • BMP / BREW
  • Mediatek

Others available upon request