AVL-Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking System


AVL-Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking System
The GPS based location tracking system for vehicle. This solution is designed to enable the vehicle owner to track the movement of his vehicle, using a special device installed onboard to grant him complete Return on Investment and peace of mind. This service is offered in partnership with Saudi Telecom STC.

AVL shows a tremendous and stable growth all over the Kingdom. It is the most efficient and effective Tracking Technology available in the present scenario.

Managing your fleet has never been easier
Business Automatic Vehicle Location is vehicle tracking and fleet management system where customers can track their vehicles, as well as determine their positions and track via GPS & GSM technologies. The data transfer from tracking devices are installed in the vehicles and linked to tracking system servers through GPRS, which reflects on digital maps where the fleet manager can access them via the service website, as well as being kept informed about the fleet status by SMS notifications. This will allow him to manage and control the fleet easily, and therefore help the enterprise to reduce the operational costs of vehicles and increase the performance and productivity of the workers and customer's satisfaction as well as drivers and fleet safety.

Benefits of the Tracking Device

  • Increasing employee and vehicles efficiency
  • Reduce fuel cost with reduced idling
  • Improve maintenance scheduling on diggers and trucks
  • Follow up with fleet management & increasing trips
  • Increasing delivery and setup efficiency
  • Improved customer service
  • Improve inventory security
  • Increasing the level of safety and protection of assets invested


Service Features
Vehicle location: You can acquire the location of the vehicle directly through the website (www.avl.com.sa) or by sending an SMS to our server, after which the location of the vehicle will be displayed on our bilingual maps (Arabic - English). You can also locate vehicles using text messages if no computers are available.

History tracking:  The ability to track your fleets past movements and determining the location and speed every 60 seconds.

Points of interests:  By the definition of points of interest (POI's), the customer can configure his own maps of points including place marks that he is interested in, for example, the customer can identify his clients locations or field sites as points of interest to appear on the map when reviewing the current vehicle position or the path of the previous locations of any of his own vehicles.

Management itineraries:  The ability to define the route from one point to another point (such as Riyadh - Dammam - Jubail) or (the company to the site a & site b .... etc.) and determining the ideal time route is useful to know the possibility of trips as per vehicle and the standard deviation of travel time between the locations and the ideal real-time it takes to end the trip. You can also see the commitment of the driver to pass on all those points according to the schedule planned.

Please go to www.avl.com.sa for further information on this service